Appraisals Training/Tutorials

In this page, Josh is going to share with you several video tutorials about Appraisals that can be helpful for Appraisers, Laywers, Homeowners, Realtors and to anyone who are interested in the field of Appraisal.

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Videos on:Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) for GARAGE AND PORTS- Decoding Format

In this video, I discuss how to decipher the UAD codes for Garages and Carports. Most lending appraisals are now required to be written in UAD format, which stands for Uniform Appraisal Dataset, and it basically means the appraiser uses special punctuations, abbreviations, and codes created by Fannie Mae for many of the fields on the standard forms. READ MORE…..


Videos on:Uniform Appraisal Dataset for LOCATION, VIEW, and DESIGN/STYLE

The UAD codes required in most lending appraisals can be confusing to read. In this video, I will discuss how to Decode the Appraisal Report: Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) codes for Location, View, and Design/Style. READ MORE


Videos on:VA and FHA Appraisal Requirements for Repairs

Here are several examples of FHA and VA items that will need to be repaired to meet lending requirements. READ MORE


Videos on:FHA Appraisal Repairs (Gutters)

Now I will share an example of a required repair to meet FHA and VA requirements from an actual lending appraisal. READ MORE


Videos on:Why Real Estate Agents Order Appraisals

I talk with real estate agents almost every day. Sometimes they’re calling me asking about various appraisal procedures, or if I can do an appraisal for them. The answer is “yes” I can do appraisals for real estate agents. READ MORE….


Videos on:Appraisal Review: 5 Common Real Estate Appraisal Errors

In this video, let’s take a look at five common issues often seen in appraisals during an appraisal review. READ MORE….


Videos on: A Realtor’s feedback on Josh’s Appraisal Classes

Listen to what Erika has to say about Josh Walitt’s appraisal classes!  His classes cover appraisal methods, FHA, VA, regulations, understanding an appraisal READ MORE…